Black Maternal Health Conference UK

Bridging the gap between Community, Service providers and Industries.

What is the Black Maternal Health Conference?

The Black Maternal Health Conference UK is a pivotal gathering focused on advancing discussions around the well-being of Black mothers in the UK. Join healthcare professionals, policymakers, and advocates in exploring solutions, bridging gaps, and fostering change. Our dynamic event features expert speakers, interactive workshops, and panel discussions addressing healthcare disparities and cultural competence. Be part of the movement to ensure every Black mother receives the care and support she deserves for a healthier, more equitable start for every family.


Black Maternal Health Conference UK 2024


Black Maternal Health Conference UK 2023

Improving Black Womens health outcomes

We highlighted the gaps within the system and disparities - whilst providing nuance and further reiterating the importance of Black women receiving health care that is respectful, culturally competent, safe and of the highest quality.

Putting the voices of lived- experience to the forefront, through engaging discussions, informative presentations , interactive sessions and a space for applied learning. We had powerful and reputable voices within the sector contributing to the day which supporting in improving Black women’s health outcomes.
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